Tips and tricks to help you clean a glass stove top

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January 3, 2023
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Buying a glass stove top is a very good idea if you’re looking to enhance the look of your kitchen. It looks amazing, but at the same time this can end up being rather challenging to clean up. Which does bring the question, how can you actively clean a glass stove top? Here are the tips and ideas that you can start using right away.

What materials do you need?

When you want to clean a glass stove top, it’s very important to have the right materials. For the most part, you will need simple materials, nothing too complex. That means you can have white vinegar, a spray bottle, baking soda, a microfiber cloth, a towel, a single edge razor blade and a cooktop cleaner if possible, but this last one is optional.

Cool down the glass stove top 

Before you start cleaning the glass stove top, you do want to ensure that it all cools down. The reason you want to do that is because spraying any cleaner onto the hot glass will lead to burn pits. So yes, you do need to ensure that everything is cooled down. 

Spray the surface with some vinegar

Now that everything is cooled down, add the white vinegar in the spray bottle and spread it across the cooktop. This helps remove most of the grease. And the best part is that you don’t have to rely on chemicals that might damage your glass top. So it’s definitely the best of both worlds. After you complete that, you want to add baking soda on top of it. What this does is it allows you to further eliminate any grease buildup. Again, this is safe even if the initial reaction might seem very complex.

Cover your stove with a towel

You want to soak the towel in hot water, and then lay it on the surface. Now you just wait for up to 15 minutes at most, and then you will be able to get back to removing the vinegar and baking soda solution. Of course, the stove needs to be turned off during this entire process, so make sure that you watch your kids or animals just in case.

Wipe the surface and use the razor blade to remove residue

The microfiber cloth will allow you to remove all the remaining residue. Then you can use the razor blade to remove any of the residue. Ideally you want to hold the blade at a 45 degree angle, so you won’t add too much pressure. Addressing that will help a lot, since you can fully clean the stove.

As you can see, cleaning the glass stove top is not that hard, provided that you have the right tools and know how to do it. We recommend using this method because it’s fast, efficient and it helps get the job done very well. It really makes the process very simple, and if you stick to this method every month, you can easily clean the glass stove top without problems!

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