Reasons why your fridge is leaking water

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January 3, 2023
Refrigerator Repair

The fridge is one of those appliances that can end up malfunctioning from time to time. One of the most common refrigerator complaints in 2022 is that sometimes the appliance can leak water. It might seem strange at first, but the truth is that issues like these happen, and there’s not a whole lot that you can do. Which is why we created a list with the reasons why your fridge might be leaking water.

The water line is blocked

Most fridges have a water line that offers water for ice and drinking. When that water line is blocked, there will be water leaks. Turn the fridge off and turn the shut off valve on. Examine the water line for damage, and if there is any damage you might have to replace it.

The defrost drain is blocked

Another issue here is the fact that the defrost drain might be blocked. Usually when something like this happens, you deal with ice buildup. That becomes a major problem and you really need to address that the best way that you can. What should you do when that happens? The best thing that you can do is to just melt the ice. 

Placing warm water in a receptacle will help. In case this method doesn’t work for some reason, you can also use a pipe cleaner. Even the idea of using a wire hanger to try and break up the ice is a good one. Just try to take that into consideration, and the results will be very good. If the clog is far down the hose, then what you need to do is to move the fridge and disconnect the valve. Generally, the idea of adding warm water is usually what will work very well, so you should definitely consider giving it a try for yourself.

The fridge is unevenly placed

Yes, this might also be a cause, and that’s why you do need to figure out if it’s the main reason behind those water leaks. Usually, the front of the fridge needs to be a bit higher so the coolant can flow properly. But if the fridge is too uneven, then that becomes an issue. What you can do is to assess how even the fridge is, and then you can adjust the fridge legs. That’s easy to do, and it will make the process easier for you.

If there are still problems after doing these minor changes, the best thing that you can do is to call professionals. Working with a professional appliance repair company is going to solve the issue and it will prevent many issues that might arise. All you have to do is to avoid any rush and find the right people that will be able to help you with the entire process. At the end of the day, there’s always a reason behind these water leaks, so you just have to identify it and solve the problem. 

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