How to Find Your Appliance Model Number

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December 2, 2022

When you deal with appliance repairs, finding the correct spare part and fixing broken appliances fast is essential. The faster you repair appliances, the faster you get back to your everyday life and remove the foul smell or noise. Providing incorrect model numbers when purchasing appliance parts may delay repairs. On the other hand, buying the wrong appliances may cause additional appliance repair expenses.

A&E Appliance parts and service understands this and looks out for you so that you can get appliance spare parts right the first time. When you call to request appliance repair services, our qualified technicians will take you through locating and providing the correct model number. This will help with finding the correct spare parts and fixing your appliance in the shortest time.

What is The Appliance Model Number?

An Appliance model number is usually a string of numbers or a combination of numbers and letters that identify your appliance. The model number carries all the information you need to purchase the correct appliance parts. Different appliances and appliance brands can have model numbers in different locations.

Finding Your Appliance Model Number

Knowing where to find your appliance model number is crucial. When your appliance breaks down, it can save you time and stress. It is located on the model number tag on most appliances. The model number tag is typically a metal tag or sticker strategically located for easy identification.

Finding your appliance model number is easier with new appliances. It could be a little difficult if you own older appliances. Manufacturers are becoming more helpful by placing appliance model numbers in easily accessible locations.

Most appliances, including refrigerators, washers, ovens, ranges, microwaves, and dishwashers have model numbers on the inside of doors. Open your appliance door and look for a metallic plate around its frame.

Write down the model number or take a photo of the model number tag before heading to buy spare parts. A&E Appliance Repair recommends taking a photo of the whole plate to avoid confusing the model number with the appliance serial number usually located on the same plate.

You can also find your appliance model number in the user manual or user guide. But, be careful as this can result in buying incorrect spare parts. Most often, the information on user manuals covers several models of the same product, without telling you which model is your appliance. In the event there are different parts for different models, you may end up with unusable spare parts.

We have compiled a list of model number locations for common appliances below.


  • On the inner wall of the refrigerator or freezer
  • On the fridge ceiling
  • On the inside of the door
  • On the door frame
  • On the floor bottom under the crisper drawer
  • Behind the kick plate

Washing Machines

  • On the inside of the door
  • On the door frame
  • Under the lid on the frame
  • Inside the washer lid
  • On the control panel
  • On the inside walls
  • On the front of the exterior
  • On either side of the exterior
  • The back of the exterior


  • On the door
  • On the door frame
  • Behind the control panel
  • Inside edge of the unit
  • Inside the hose storage
  • On the inside of the tub wall
  • On the frame of the unit


  • On the inside of the door
  • On the door frame
  • On the control panel
  • Behind the control panel
  • On the inside walls
  • On either side of the exterior walls
  • On the exterior back of the unit


  • At the top of the unit in the front
  • On the inside of the dryer door
  • On the door frame
  • Near the front of the cabinet side
  • On the cabinet frame, inside the door
  • Behind the front access panel for gas dryers


  • Under the burners
  • Under the knobs
  • On the bottom of the cooktop
  • Inside the top of the vent duct
  • Underneath the cooktop (for lift-up style cooktops)

Electric/Gas Range

  • Behind the control panel
  • Beneath the fuse cover
  • On the door frame
  • Interior side panel
  • On the frame of the broiler section
  • Under the front service unit
  • Underneath the cooktop
  • On the inside of the lower storage compartment walls

Trash Compactor

  • Near the door
  • Inside on either side of the cabinet
  • Behind the trash door, on the frame of the unit
  • On the rim of the inside of the unit

Understanding Your Appliance Model Number

Most appliance model number tags indicate the model number and the serial number of the product. Others may include a series number also referred to as the revision number. If your appliance model number tag does not include a series number, you can still determine its series by looking at the first two digits of the serial number.

Manufacturers often make improvements and alterations to appliance models throughout their lifespan producing different series of the same model. You may find appliances of the same model but different series that do not share spare parts. You should buy spare parts meant for your appliance series or those as close as possible without going over. For example, if your appliance is a series 11, you can buy series 10 spare parts but series 15 parts may not be compatible.

You can also use the series numbers to determine the age of your appliances. Decode your appliance manufacturer’s special coding to know every piece of information the series number holds.

Buying Genuine Appliance Spare Parts

When you buy replacement parts for your appliance, you need to ensure they are genuine and of high quality. Original appliance parts are more expensive than generic parts but offer several distinct advantages, such as:

Original products are made for a perfect fit and efficiency

OEM parts are the best quality. Appliance brands invest in protecting their reputation.

Most OEM parts have a comprehensive warranty which covers replacement and repairs if the parts fail.

We carry genuine and hard-to-find parts for all your appliance repair needs. We source our OEM parts directly from the appliance manufacturers to ensure an exact match and quality. We commit to getting your appliances running again in the shortest time. Contact us today for all your appliance repair needs in Michigan.

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